House Mix Console

Yamaha PM5D
Mix position located in open wall sound booth behind the 1st balcony

Inputs: – 48 monaural channels
Outputs: – 8 Matrix outputs
– 24 Aux. Outputs

Main Speaker System

System designed by Engineering Harmonics Inc

Mono Centre Cluster, Subwoofers and 17 distributed fill zones

Main Cluster 5 – Meyer JM1-P (horizontal array)
2 – Meyer UPA-1P for orchestra floor down fill
Control Electronics 3 BSS Soundweb London Blu-80
1 BSS Soundweb 9010 Remote Controller
Subwoofers 4 Meyer 650R2
Deck Fill SR/SL 2 Meyers CQ-1
Stage Lip Fill 12 Meyer MM4
Under Loge Fill 4 Renkus-Heinz PNX61 (2 per side)
2 Renkus-Heinz PNX81 (1 per side)
Loge Fill 4 Renkus-Heinz PNX61 (2 per side)
2 Renkus-Heinz PNX81 (1 per side)
Under Balcony Fill 9 Renkus-Heinz PNX61
Balcony Corner Fill 2 Renkus-Heinz PNX82 (1 per side)
2nd Balcony Fill 4 Renkus-Heinz ST-4
Symphony Shell Monitors 4 Bose MA12 (monitors)




Monitor & portable 4 Meyer UM1 wedges
PA speakers 6 Meyer UPA1 cabinets
2 Meyer UPM-1P small powered speakers




Microphone & Direct Boxes 13 AKG 391
11 AKG 451/CK1
8 Shure 87
5 Shure 58
5 Shure 57
2 Shure 53
3 Sennheiser 421
8 Crown PCC 160
3 Countryman ISOC
3 Countryman ISOH
4 Earthworks M30
4 KlarkTeknik BB 100 DI
5 Countryman Type 85 DI
Microphone Stands 4 standard straight stands
36 standard stands with boom
12 short stands with boom
Wireless Microphones 10 UHF receiver channels (5 Shure UR4D 2 ch. Receivers) 518-578 MHz
9 Shure UR2 handheld with Beta 87A mic capsules
9 Shure WL 50B omni lavs.
4 Shure WL 51 lavs.
5 Shure WMC 16 head-worn hypercardioid
Record/Playback 1 Tascam CD-01 CD player
1 HHB CDR-882 Dual Drive CD Recorder
2 Sony MDS E12 minidisk players
1 Windows 7 computer, (with LynxONE soundcard and Echo MiaMIDI soundcard)
Intercom and Headset System 1 ClearCom MS-440 Base Station
24 headsets
20 beltpacks
3 desktop stations




1.) Program Sound is fed to Backstage and Lobby.

2.) Program Sound also feeds Sennheiser Infra red hearing aid system.

3.) Paging from Stage to Backstage only is fed to Dressing Rooms, Green Room, Production Office, Rehearsal Room 1 and Backstage hallways.

4.) Paging from Front of House is fed to Lobby only.

5.) Broadcasting Interface – consult venue.




1.) Mixing position area 16ft x 5ft. at back of auditorium, house right of centre.

2.) Power – 100 AMPS 3 Phase Service & 40 AMPS Single phase 50 feet offstage from DSL

3.) Audio tie in points to house speaker system from DSL or FOH. House speaker system can matrix to centre cluster and/or17 discreet zones throughout the auditorium.

4.)Clearcom is single channel system connected to 10 production positions. There are no “dry” lines for partial patching.

5.) Program sound patching can be done at same location as audio tie in points.

6.) Backstage paging can be tied in DSR