Stage & Rigging


The stage rigging consists of 3 permanent lighting bridges and a 55 line-set counterweight system. The Hall comes equipped with a ‘house hang’ of drapery and lighting as specified on the ‘Line-Set Schedule’. If you need to alter the ‘house hang’, arrangements must be made in advance, and all items must be immediately restored after the event, at the expense of the licensee.

Type: Single Purchase Counterweight – (SR wall).
Number of sets: 55 total – 5 lines each.
Line-Set Capacity: 1200 Lbs. each.
Line-Set Centers: 8 Inch – (See Line-Set Schedule).
Pipes: 12” flat aluminum truss, – 72 Ft. long – (1.90” O.D. pipe).
Fly Floor: SR – Catwalk at 28′ above Stage Floor.
Pin Rail: SR – at Fly Floor.
Hand Lines: 3/4″ New England Synthetic (Super-Set) rope.
Loading Floor: SR – Catwalk at Grid, above Fly Floor.
Grid Height: 85′-0″ – (Floor To Underside of Grid).
High pipe trims: 77’-0” -except sets 7-10 (at SR door) are: 69’-9”.
Weights: 20,000 Lbs. available, (in addition to pipe Wt.).


Lighting Bridges: 3 – Motorized Bridges – pipes are 48 Ft. long (with 6 Ft. pipe extensions).
Paint Frame: 68′ wide x 32′ high – On power winch located US.
Spot Lines: Un-weighted Spot Lines may be arranged as needed.
Chain Motors: 4-C/M #L-627 (1 Ton Hoist) with 90 Ft. chain & controls.
Block & Falls: 4-1500 Lb. Lift. (with 450 Ft. 5/8″ Hemp).


Depth: 34′-6″
Width: 55′-0″ (maximum)
Area: Approx. 1689 Sq. Ft.
Lighting: Permanent down lighting is installed in Shell ceiling.
Note: Shell area may be increased through use of fore-stage Lifts.
Accessories: See Staging Equipment


Console is located DSR- attached to 60 Ft. cable.
Controls: orchestra shell, lifts, fire curtain, bridges, acoustical curtains, house teaser.